Chair, Jayne Borensztajn on the role of the Professional Managers’ Network.

What are the challenges faced by professional managers?

Business faculties and schools, like the universities in which they are located, face ongoing funding uncertainty; increasing staff casualisation; disruptive technology; the continuous need for increased efficiency measures; and changing business models, policies and regulations – challenges that make the work of professional services or resource management teams ever more critical and complex.

The Professional Managers’ Network aims to support members by:

  • Supporting ABDC’s advocacy in influencing higher education public policy and practice on network relevant issues affecting business education. This involves monitoring developments, drafting documents and providing advice to ABDC on issues, international trends, and best practice.
  • Promoting professional capabilities development through sharing knowledge on current issues and best practice, and providing an engaged collegial network of support.
  • Facilitating a national, collaborative and strategic approach to systemic change that pursues excellence in business faculties, colleges, and schools across Australia (in areas relevant to the network).

Network membership comprises of those in the most senior general, operational or professional resource management role in ABDC business faculties, colleges or schools.

Jayne Borensztajn, Chair

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