PLEASE NOTE: Form D is designed to formalise requests to the ABDC Journals Review Panel 2013 seeking a change in the FoR classification of an academic journal which is included in the current ABDC Journal Ranking List (e.g. from 1401 to 1502). Please complete a separate form relating to each journal for which you wish to make a submission of this type.

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QD2. New Field of Research (FoR) Panel proposed for ABDC 2019 list
QD4. What ABDC 2019 rating do you propose for this journal?
QD6. Nominate "The Best" comparator journal
(journal from the current ABDC Journal Ranking List that is most similar in research quality)

Nature of Submission

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QD10. Executive Summary (word limit: 250 words). In the space below succinctly highlight the most powerful elements of your case for changing the field of research classification of the designated journal. Please use a "bullet point" style where possible.

Supplementary Information: Appendix Checklist

The ABDC invites further supplementary and supporting information to be submitted by way of appendices

QD11. What supplementary information are you supplying (by way of appendices to support your submission?)
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