The ABDC Learning and Teaching Network currently is funding two projects to investigate issues of interest to ABDC Members.

Business school actions to combat climate change

The ABDC has allocated grant funding to support an investigation of:

  1. How ABDC member business schools are incorporating Sustainable Development Goal 13 ‘Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts’ in curriculum.
  2. The best practices for aligning business school curriculum to SDG 13 to further climate action and educate students on the role of business in mitigation.
  3. The importance of SDG 13 relative to other SDGs as evidenced by strategies to incorporate the goal in business school curriculum.

Research team: Muammer Wali, Andrew Brennan, and Habib Rahman (Curtin University)

Research report

To download a copy of the team’s report, Business School Actions to Combat Climate Change, please click here.

Invigilated and non-invigilated assessments

Accrediting bodies such as CPA and CAANZ have a guideline requiring at least 50% invigilated assessment in accredited subjects. In response to COVID, higher education institutions were offered flexibility in relation to this guideline as an interim measure.

Given the COVID situation and the flexibility afforded, assessment structures have been reimagined and redesigned. To support alternative assessment structures that are consistent with accrediting body requirements and have pedagogical and operational benefits, the ABDC has allocated grant funding to conduct one or more research projects that investigate the use and benefits of invigilated and non-invigilated assessments by member business schools.

Research team:

  • Assoc. Professor Elaine Huber (University of Sydney)
  • Professor Lynne Harris (CAANZ)
  • Professor Sue Wright (UTS)
  • Dr Amanda White (UTS)
  • Dr Andrew Cram (University of Sydney)
  • Dr Sandris Zeivots (University of Sydney)
  • Corina Raduescu (University of Sydney)
  • Andrew Brodzeli (University of Sydney)

Research report

To download a copy of the team’s report, Invigilated and Non-Invigilated Online Assessments, please click here.

Further information

Please contact the ABDC Office.

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