Learning and Teaching Academic Standards Project

ABDC has led the development of academic standards ( threshold learning outcomes) for both Bachelors and coursework Masters degrees for our business graduates.  The project was led by Associate Professor Mark Freeman (ABDC Scholar, 2011-2014) with continuing support from the Network.  The resulting standards were designed in consultation with the discipline-specific academic and practitioner communities.  They provide a valuable benchmarking resource for designing degrees or evaluating intended learning outcomes, as required under the Higher Education Standards Framework.

Between 2010 and 2016, ABDC released Learning Standards for Economics, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Tourism and Hospitality Management.

The Network is leading a follow-on project, in collaboration with professional accounting bodies that benchmarks achieved learning from outcomes against the accounting threshold standards.

International Visiting Scholar Program

ABDC, through the Network, supports an international visiting scholar program.  Previous scholars who have undertaken a state-based workshop series include: Professor Larry Michaelsen (integrative business experience and team-based learning), Professor Chris Rust (assessment); Professor Margaret Price (assessment); Professor Bill Becker (educational research and academic standards), Professor Chris Bartlett (case-based learning) and Dr Jude Carroll (internationalisation and student plagiarism).  Berry O’Donovan  (taking a program approach to assessment and feedback).

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