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Responding to the Productivity Commission’s draft report on removing export service barriers, ABDC says Australia needs to do more to support sustainable growth of our international education sector.

As ABDC member schools graduate two-thirds of international university students in Australia, we welcome simplified streamlined visa processing and the Productivity Commission’s recommendations to introduce nationwide transport concessions and to look at regulatory changes that enable more flexible and innovative course delivery for international students onshore. Although currently one in five university business schools are ranked among the top 200 worldwide, in an increasingly complex and global international education market, our international reputation is at risk. Australia needs to do more to sustainably grow the international education sector and attract the best international students and academics.

Australia needs to ensure our broader immigration, education and industry policy settings support a quality education environment and provide learning experiences that respond to students’ expectations. ABDC suggests recommendations for policies that enable:

  • Investment into developing Australia’s international reputation for education and research excellence, as well as the support services required to promote Australia as an attractive study destination and to deliver good international student outcomes.
  • Ensure business – the preferred discipline for international students globally  – is included as a priority for education and research funding and ABDC is included in further consultation on international education export development strategy, policy or regulation.
  • Encourage industry to provide relevant industry-based-learning for international university students during and after their study. Lack of these opportunities are significant barriers for developing a sustainable international education market in Australia.
  • Secure recognition of Australian qualifications for international graduates who have ambitions to undertake further study or work in their home country.
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