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In our submission to ACOLA, ABDC calls for a research training system that enhances Australia’s capacity to deliver innovative and industry collaborative research.

In our submission to the review of Australia’s Research Training System, ABDC is concerned not just with the training of future business academics, but also the ability of Australian businesses to pursue innovation and growth. To that end, Australian business schools believe having innovative, well-resourced and flexible research training via a diversity of programs is vital for Australia’s future prosperity. ABDC recommends that a review of the research training system begins by establishing a clear definition of “research” – one that recognises and addresses both the diverse and sometimes conflicting needs of academic and industry research.

The key features of a successful world-class research training system are innovation, competition between suppliers, and adequate resourcing. The current one-size fits all funding model and standard program length can restrict genuinely innovative programs, as well as the ability to incorporate aspects of overseas programs that have proven highly effective (e.g. extensive coursework training). To ensure a truly effective research training system that embraces and enhances our capacity for university-industry collaboration, improved innovation management, increased productivity and commercialisation, it is critical that business schools are involved in any further consultation on this topic.

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