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The ABDC is pleased to announce the completion of an interim review of the ABDC Journal Quality List. Up until 17 August, eligible parties can provide feedback on the review outcomes.

The ABDC is pleased to announce the completion of an interim review of the ABDC Journal Quality List. This review, aided by public submissions, as well as qualitative and quantitative data, has produced a Review Outcomes’ Report.

It is anticipated the next major full review of the ABDC Journal Quality List will be in 2017-18 and is likely to follow a similar process to the 2013 review with newly selected panels. This interim review had a very narrow focus built around four tightly defined scenarios:

  1. Inclusion of new business-relevant journals – journals newly created since 1 January 2011;
  2. Removal of very low quality journals– e.g. deemed to be “predatory open access” journals;
  3. Switching FoR assignment of a journal; or
  4. Correction of factual errorsin the ABDC database – e.g. incorrect journal title, incorrect web address.

Consultation Period
Until 17 August interested parties can provide feedback on serious anomalies or errors in the proposed revisions as included in the review outcomes report. Please note this exposure period is not a forum for debating decisions. Dispute of journal ratings on grounds already reviewed by the expert panel will not be considered.

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