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As part of the higher education reform consultation, ABDC has called on the Federal Government not to take any actions that will risk the high international reputation of our business schools.

The Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) has called on the Federal Government not to take any actions that will risk the high international reputations of our business schools.

In a submission to the Higher Education Reform Consultation Paper, ABDC says: ‘If current levels of cross-subsidisation continue or increase, business schools will be unable to maintain their quality, innovation and international competitiveness’.

In an increasingly globalised and competitive higher education market, the Federal Government must avoid actions that will lead to increased cross-subsidisation from our international business students.

Australian business schools graduate three-fifths of our international university students and these students contribute an estimated $5.3 billion in annual export earnings to the Australian economy – equal to our eleventh largest export.

‘Any student investing in an Australian higher education, merits an educational outcome that best enables them to successfully engage in a global labour market,’ the ABDC says.

In their response to the  Driving Innovation, Fairness and Excellence in Australian Higher Education Paper, ABDC calls on the Federal Government ‘to recognise the long-term value of investing in higher education and not proceed with the proposed $2.5 billion university funding cut.’

Australian business schools graduate one-third of Australia’s university students, who contribute greatly to the nation’s economy, society, culture, and international standing with the skills and capabilities that make Australia’s economy work.

To view our full submission, see link below.

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