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What do Business Schools Teach?

Ever wondered what disciplines come under the umbrella of business schools?

How Does Research Impact Business School Rankings?

Chair of the ABDC Researcher Directors’ Network, Professor Andrew O’Neil, on the role of research in university business school rankings.

ABDC President on the Role of the ABDC and Australia’s business schools

Griffith Business School Pro Vice Chancellor, Professor David Grant, recently became ABDC President for a two-year term.

Welcome to the ABDC, the collective voice of all Australian university business schools.

Our 39 members teach and research the areas vital to the success of the businesses that underpin Australia’s economy.

As their peak body, ABDC’s role is to ensure that those with political, social, cultural and economic influence appreciate and support how business education contributes to Australia’s future.

ABDC member business schools graduate one-third of all students, ­and more than half of the international students, at Australian universities.

They continuously strive to shape graduates with the technical, life and leadership skills ­needed to innovate, adapt and flourish in a dynamic world.

Our international business students strengthen our global relationships and improve the cross-cultural understanding needed to widen our thinking to include diverse worldviews.

The fast growth of international education ­– the nation’s third-largest service export – speaks to the high global standing of Australian business education.

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